Alvord Desert with ExplOregon(NSFW)

Went on a photography group shoot which took place in the lovely region of the Alvord desert located in southern Oregon in 2017, as a birthday gift to myself. Got to work with some awesome models(Floofie, Jessa Peters, and Verronica Kirei respectively) and some pretty awesome photographers (Carlos David, Fotos By Frankie, John Patton and Jason Galla). Was kind of nervous as I wasn't really an "Outside Shooter" type person, and the thought of working around more pro photographers had my stomach in knots. Luckily I learned some tips and tricks and had a really good time. 

Post Meridiem

These shots were taken in 2014, I believe, and feature model Johannie Valdés. Johannie stayed with me for a week, and shot with me both in my home and at my studio. The photos below were taken at my home, in the afternoon, hence the title of this post(latin for after noon). Parts of this set were published by Fuse Magazine Online in their April 2015 issue.